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My name is Brandon Klassen, and I love PC gaming. I grew up spending long hours playing Sierra and LucasArts adventure games, LucasArts Star Wars titles (especially Tie Fighter), and many other classic PC titles. These days, I'm really into Skyrim, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, the BioShock games, Fallout: New Vegas, Mafia II, and many other games. In 2013, I'm incredibly excited for Tomb Raider and BioShock Infinite kicking off the year.

Truly great video games are as much "art" as truly great movies, television, books and comics are. They're all unique storytelling mediums - but video games most of all, because they're interactive. I'm fascinated with the art of storytelling - especially in video games - and so, at, I hope to share my love of gaming with you. The featured archives here are my work of celebrating and preserving material from some of my favorite games, including game artwork, design, history, development, audio, video, collectibles and more.

Rapture Columbia Empire Bay Tomb Raider

Watch for the latest news here - updates to existing archives are coming, and new archives for more games as well as feature articles are in the works!


I've been known for my detailed coverage of a number of games, and my active forum participation. Coming this year - a complete redesign of, with more content than ever before, from older titles to upcoming games such as Tomb Raider, BioShock Infinite and more.


In BioShock news, check out the new Behind the Scenes section with two new feature articles added today. If you saw these features earlier today, both have received updates this evening.


In BioShock news, check out the Museum sections for updated items from Minerva's Den. The following sections have been updated: Posters, Paintings, Photos, Documents and Drawings. If you've been visiting the site from time to time, please keep visiting and stay tuned for more updates - there is a significant amount of new BioShock content currently under development, including some big surprises, and the first new feature will be posted later today!

2011-05-02 is now accepting donations to cover the cost of hosting the site. If the cost of running the site is recouped, donations will be closed. Click the button below to donate. The copy of the BioShock Breaking the Mold Developer's Edition Artbook that I have for sale hasn't been sold yet on eBay. Now's your chance to own this rare item!


For anyone who is interested, I have posted a copy of the BioShock Breaking the Mold Developer's Edition Artbook on eBay. Click here to check out the auction.


Congrats to the winners of the giveaway contest - Mark Fischer, Gordon Thompson, David Jones, Alexander Barnhart, and Josh Powers! The Mafia II Xbox Faceplate has been unclaimed, so if anyone reading this wants it, the first person to email me will get it!

In other news, I'm working on some absolutely huge BioShock material. I can't promise when it will be done, I just wanted BioShock fans to know that there is more content coming. Lastly, I have a brand new copy of the extended BioShock artbook, Breaking the Mold: Developer's Edition, that I need to sell. If you'd like to make an offer on the book, let me know this next week. If I don't receive any offers I can accept, the book will be hitting eBay next weekend.


2K officially announces new value-packed editions of Mafia II. Check out the full press release.


A previously missed newspaper from BioShock 2 Multiplayer has been added to the Photos section of the BioShock Rapture Archives Museum.


BioShock 2 receives Patch 1.4. It's available for download here, for those of you who are having trouble acquiring it through GFWL's delivery system.


Version 1.7 of my Empire Bay map has been finalized, with SDS downloads available again and very small updates to the JPG downloads. Check it out here.


A previously missed sign from BioShock 2 Multiplayer has been added to the BioShock Rapture Archives Museum.


A complete Article Index for the Cult of Rapture website has been added to the BioShock Rapture Archives Library.


The Sinclair Solutions Consumer Rewards Program messages have been added to the BioShock Rapture Archives Library.

2011-02-18 launches!


Some updates and additions to the BioShock Rapture Archives: The "Signs" and "Drawings" sections in the Museum are new, the "Photos" section in the Museum has received some updates for BioShock 2, and there is one update in the "Banners" section of the Museum. More updates are coming!


The BioShock Rapture Archives have been given a new design based on the design of the Mafia II Empire Times Archives. This makes it a lot easier for you to browse the archives, and way easier for me to update them!